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Below are links to groups of thumbnail images of a number of the oil paintings I have done over recent years with links to their larger scale images. I have grouped them together to ease appreciation. (Click on the heading or the picture to see the paintings in this group). Several of these paintings were done at home, many in classes at the Cheltenham School of Fine Art. I hope you enjoy them.

All the paintings are oil on canvas - most 42x51cm (16x20in). Most of these paintings are available for purchase. They are unframed - but framing can be arranged to suit requirements.

If you are interested, or if you have any comments, please contact me by email at:

I started drawing and painting at quite a young age with the example and encouragement of my father. I developed some skills with painting at school and took art at A level, alongside my science subjects. At university I did some painting and was very much involved with the design and painting of sets for the theatre group - which lead to a novel set for a production of 'Two Noble Kinsmen' at the Edinburgh Festival fringe. I did some painting early in married life, with some ceramic work, and in recent years I have taken the opportunity to explore and develop my interests in art. For me the aim in art is to communicate my appreciation of the relationships between objects in the real world - to show not just recognizable objects but the context in which I appreciate them. (I have put some thoughts on What is Art? up on this website. Feedback comments welcome!)

(I have grouped the paintings together to make them quicker to download)


LANDSCAPES  Venice Grand Canal

PORTRAIT AND LIFE  Venice Grand Canal

SKETCHES  Venice Grand Canal

POTTERY  Venice Grand Canal

EARLY PAINTINGS  Venice Grand Canal

Old posters

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